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    Description: Search tips and techniques when using the databases.
    database search techniques     database search learning targets
    Description: Use the highlighting and note-taking feature in our Gale Databases and export and save them to your school Google Drive.   
    Gale      learning target gale
    Description: Link your school Google account to our Noodletools citation subscription and you never have to sign in on their site again!  
     noodletools google     lt noodletools google
    Description: Learn the basics for how to use Noodletools to create a Works Cited list for any research project.
    noodletools     lt noodletools
    Description: Learn how to create and print an annotated bibliography in Noodletools.
    Noodletools annotated bibliography      Noodletools annotated bib learning targets
    Description: Learn how to apply the C.R.A.P. test to articles you find online to determine if they are good sources for your research project.   
    C.R.A.P.     lt c.r.a.p.
    Description: Find out how Wikipedia can help you with your research projects (don't worry--this is teacher approved!)
    wikipedia      lt wikipedia