Wheaton North Scrapbook

  • Welcome to the Wheaton North digital scrapbook!  Wheaton North has prepared paper scrapbooks since the school opened in the fall of 1964. They are kept in the library and maintained by the library staff. After the 50th year celebration, it seemed like a good time to transition to a digital format so that more people could access them. Therefore, beginning with the 2015-2016 school year, the Wheaton North LLC posts annual scrapbooks here.

    Please keep the following in mind as you peruse the digital scrapbooks. First, the current year's scrapbook is a work in progress, so be sure to visit regularly and check out new folders and pages. Second, due to the volume of material, the scrapbook is organized into team or group folders. Within each of these folders, all items relating to a single event have been grouped together into a single pdf. Third, most of the material in the scrapbook comes from either newspaper articles or in-house publications. All newspaper articles have been cited. To save space on some articles the following abbreviations have been used: DH (Daily Herald); Trib (Chicago Tribune); SL (Suburban Life); SunTimes (Chicago SunTimes); and FFL (Friday Focus on Learning, a CUSD 200 publication). Fourth, while this is in a digital format, do not fear: the library will still keep hard copies of all these documents, but they will not be pasted on pages as was done in the past.

    We think the scrapbooks below confirm what has often been said: Wheaton North is a very special school because of its students, alumni, teachers, and staff!  Wheaton North has a long history of outstanding achievements, and we can all be rightfully proud to be a part of it. Enjoy!

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