• Post-Referendum Feedback Survey
    From May 4-19, the District opened a Post-Referendum Feedback Survey to provide important insight as we plan for the next steps in addressing our facility needs. The survey, created by District staff and with feedback from community members, was delivered online using free Google Forms software. More than 2,600 members of the community responded to the survey. There is a summary of the survey results, along with a presentation to the Board of Education available below. Highlights of the survey include:
    • When asked about their perception of specific projects in the referendum, respondents indicated that 50% believe capital projects should remain in the facility plan and 51% believe secure entries should remain in the plan. 
    • Respondents cited some projects as being wants and not needs; not wanting a tax increase; and the overall bond sale being too high as reasons the community did not approve the referendum. 
    • The top sources for information on the referendum were District mailings, school or District websites and social media.