• www.cusd200.org May 4, 2017

    Post-Referendum Survey is open.

    On April 4, the community stated that they did not support the facility plan put forth by the Board of Education. Our facility needs remain, and we are committed to creating a plan that is in the best interest of children and our community.

    This week, our new Board of Education was officially seated. In April, the community elected Ginna Ericksen, Rob Hanlon, Brad Paulsen (incumbent) and Jim Mathieson (incumbent) to serve with Chris Crabtree, Jim Gambaiani and me, Jim Vroman. We thank Joann Coghill for her 12 years of service and Barbara Intihar for her 16 years of service on our Board of Education. 
    Over the next month, the Board will address several immediate priorities to move forward in our facility planning efforts. Our priorities include:
    • conducting a community survey as part of a listening tour;
    • updating official enrollment projections and our capacity analysis; 
    • developing a process to prioritize projects in the current facilities plan; and
    • reviewing cost containment options for next school year (FY18) and considering an increase in student fees - both in order to allocate more revenue for capital renewal projects.
    The Board has opened a community survey to gather feedback on the April 4th Facilities Referendum. The responses received from this anonymous survey will make an important contribution as we identify the next steps to address our facility needs. In order to gather the most comprehensive feedback from a broad representation of our community, I ask that you:
    The survey will be open from today through Friday, May 19. Thank you for taking a few minutes to share your feedback with us.
    jim vroman  
    Jim Vroman, President 
    Board of Education
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