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    Board Meeting Highlights 
    May 10, 2017 at the School Service Center 

    At their meeting Wednesday night, the Board continued several important discussions connected to their ongoing facility planning efforts. 
    Post-referendum Survey
    More than 2,000 community members have taken the Post-referendum Survey. While the community did not support the facility plan put forth by the Board of Education on April 4, our facility needs remain. The Board remains committed to creating a plan that is in the best interest of children and our community. To assist in creation of a new plan, the Board is seeking community feedback. 
    The Post-referendum Survey is open through Friday, May 19. Members of the community who do not have access to a computer to complete the survey are encouraged to contact the District Office, 630-682-2469, and a paper copy will be made available.   
    Student Fee Increase
    The Board took the first step of a comprehensive review of student fees by approving a 3% increase in registration and technology fees for next school year. The new Student Fee Schedule is available on our website. 
    At the request of the full Board, the Finance Committee completed an initial review the current fee schedule, including the three types of fees that the District charges - general registration fees that are charged to all students, supplemental fees which are specific to certain items, and fees for athletics or activities. 
    Over the next few months, a more detailed review of driver education, athletic and activity, and technology fees will be completed, with the understanding that the current fee schedule model may need to change to reflect the District's actual cost to providing those opportunities.  
    Budget Planning & Potential Reductions 
    Per the Sherman-Dergis policy*, the Board of Education will allocate $2.4 million next year towards capital renewal projects (paving, roofing, flooring, mechanical, electrical, doors/hardware, windows, etc).  
    With the large scale of capital renewal projects in our Facility Master Plan, the Board reviewed budget reduction options for next year in order to increase the capital renewal allocation, above and beyond the $2.4 million allocation per policy.
    After weighing the pros and cons of the planned purchase of a new student information system, the Board decided not to move forward with that purchase - avoiding more than $467,000 in expenditures over the next three years. Ongoing discussions surrounding the 2017-18 budget are expected to continue. 
    *In January 2017, the Board adopted a policy to utilize the research-based Sherman-Dergis model to forecast capital renewal costs over the life of a building. The resolution made a commitment to provide a planned revenue stream for keeping up with future capital needs beginning in the 2017-18 School Year. Because the the referendum was not approved, the District will need to allocate $6.5 million annually, beginning in the 2018-19 school year for capital renewal projects.   
    Summer 2017 Capital Projects 
    Critical capital renewal projects totaling $2,757,459, including roof replacement at Edison and Wiesbrook and partial carpet replacement at Jefferson Early Childhood Center will take place this summer and will be funded through the Capital Renewal and Capital Projects funds.
    The decision to approve a partial carpet replacement at Jefferson Early Childhood Center did not come easily. Board Members expressed a commitment to developing a comprehensive solution to the facility needs at Jefferson. In the meantime, the Board will continue to take steps to protect the environment for our youngest learners. 
    The Board will continue discussions surrounding facility planning at upcoming Board Meetings.  
    Board of Education Meeting agendas with detailed agenda item information can be found on our Electronic School Board, which is also accessible from our website.  
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