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  • Knights on the Run 2017 -- An Amazing Day for All Our Students!

    From the Balloon Arch that greeted them, to the festively marked course, to the tasty freeze pops at the finish, our Washington Students had a a perfect day at the 4th annual Knights on the Run.  We want to send a huge thank you to our amazing volunteers!  We had many volunteers throughout the day, some who just came to cheer, but ended up staying to help.  This event could not happen without you, so thanks to everyone who handed out sticks, recorded lap totals, and cut hundreds of popsicles open for our runners.  There were many who helped with set up and tear down too.  A big thank you to those parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles and friends who came out to cheer our kids on during the run.  The energy was contagious and made this event so much fun. 

    Designed to recognize students’ involvement both through their physical activity and their fundraising efforts, Knights on the Run promotes healthy choices, encourages outdoor activity, cultivates teamwork and inspires school spirit. Throughout the school day, dedicated volunteers ran six separate sessions with two to four classes running in each. To the sounds of fun tunes and cheering, students ran as many laps as they could in 15-minute sessions. Many teachers and few moms ran alongside students offering even more encouragement as students rounded the course. Each lap measured 1/8th of a mile; and together Students ran a combined total of 3,834 laps. That totals of 479.25 miles miles. Stretched end to end our students’ miles would make quite the road trip – all the way to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

     All Washington students received a bandana celebrating their team color.  All KOTR participating students will enter a drawing where two winners will receive one of two prizes either a Nike Gift Pack or a Snow Cone Machine.

    Students who ran the most laps will have the opportunity to win a  Garmin Viviofit Jr. Activity Trackers. Two Activity Trackers will be awarded; one to a boy and one to a girl. Thanks to ties, there are 65 students from 19 classes entered to win – 28 boys and 37 girls. Seven students – one boy and six girls – each earned an additional two entries for running the most laps overall.  Congratulations to this year’s top runners:

    For the Boys with a total of 16 laps/2 miles

    • Declan Sullivan, a 5th Grader in Ms. Sheppard ’s Class

    For the Girls – a six-way tie with each girl running 14 laps/1.75 miles 

    • Madelyn Crosthwaite, a 3rd Grader in Mrs. Burkard’s Class
    • Emma Jones, a 4th Grader in Mr. Ourada’s Class
    • Kelly Kroger, a 5th Grader in Mrs. Hrunek’s Class
    • Addison Levine, a 3rd Grader in Mrs. Burkard’s Class
    • Emily Olsen, a 3rd Grader in Mrs. Burkard’s Class
    • Nevia White, a 4th Grader in Mrs. Lipnisky’s Class

     Click Top Runners by Class to see the class by class breakdown of Washington’s Top Runners.

    Several teachers ran alongside their students and provided mobile cheering and encouragement along the way. Thank you for literally going the extra mile in support of Knights on the run. 

    • Mr. Ourada (16 laps)
    • Mrs. Harris (12 laps)
    • Mrs. Lipnisky (9 laps)
    • Mrs. Miller (9 laps)
    • Mrs. Sheppard (9 Laps)
    • Mrs. Hrunek (8 laps)
    • Mrs. Weischeit (estimated 7 laps)
    • Mrs. Coover (5 laps)

    The Participants' Award Drawing and the Lap Award Drawing will be held on Tuesday, October 10 during morning announcements. Additional prizes will be awarded for the top fundraising class and the top 10 individual fundraisers. To qualify for the Fundraising Awards all funds must be turned in and/or donated electronically by 3:30PM on October 6. Click for additional information on fundraising awards information, a printable pledge sheet, and to access the Knights on the Run Online Donations Page.

    This day would not have happened without the tireless efforts of our AMAZING volunteers. More thanks goes to the Knights on the Run Planning Committee who worked throughout the summer to ensure this event’s success and to our Co-Chairs Mary More and Melissa Youngren for coordinating it all. We were so thankful for your commitment to our students. Please join us in thanking these generous volunteers the next time you see them at school or around:


    • Mary Moore
    • Melissa Youngren

     Planning Committee Members:

    • Barb Kading
    • Megan Kriss
    • Shelley Schilling
    • Megan Wadas

     Event Volunteers:

    • Deb Bensen
    • Brook Betterton
    • Kristen Betterton
    • Megan Chapman
    • Ericka Eyas
    • Rebecca Ewan
    • Allison Green
    • Cindy Husarik
    • Dave Johnston
    • Lynn Kadel
    • Cher Kachelmuss
    • Adrianne & Steve Karlovitz
    • Kelly & John Klich
    • Liz Merrell
    • Josh Moore
    • Jordon Murison
    • Kathy Radojkovic
    • Mike Rallidis
    • Tracy Stewart
    • Michelle & Mike Yates
    • Judith Zapf

    Please note, KOTR is not over until the monies are brought, in the prizes are awarded and the Class Party Prize takes place. If you have any questions, please click Knights on the Run 2017 for detailed information on the KOTR.


    4th Annual Knights on the Run Fun Facts

    3,834 laps Counted

    479.25 miles Traveled

    405 Freeze Pops Consumed


    Top Lap Counts by Grade

    Kindergarten – 11 laps

    1st Grade –  12 laps

    2nd Grade – 13 laps

    3rd Grade – 14 laps

    4th Grade – 15 laps

    5th Grade – 16 laps

    Teachers – 16 laps

Last Modified on October 25, 2017