Romantic Research

  • First, set up your MLA Works Cited.
    1.  Log in to Noodletools using your school Google account (on the right side of the login screen).
    2.  "Create a New Project"
    • Give your project a title
    • Choose MLA ADVANCED
     3.  Add citations by type of source (don't forget the 'copy & paste' option for databases).
     4.  Print/Export to Google Docs when finished. 

    Next, evaluate the sources you encounter in Google. Are they credible and worthy of your citation?

    Kate Chopin              New World Encyclopedia

    Here are some CREDIBLE websites to consider:

    Encyclopaedia Brittanica            British Library

    After evaluating what you find in Google, head to the Wheaton North DATABASES*Don't forget to use the passwords when at home.

    Bloom's Literature Gale in Context High School Biography in Context   Literature Resource Center  

    Finally, head back to Noodletools to finish your MLA Works Cited.