History of the School

  • The original Wheaton High School was located at the site of the current Longfellow Elementary School, essentially in the center of town. It offered its first high school courses in 1876 and first students graduated with a high school education in 1882. The school was renamed as Wheaton Community High1925 School in 1921 and relocated in 1925 to a new facility at the intersection of Roosevelt Rd and Main St. In 1964 it was again renamed as Wheaton Central High School when Wheaton North was completed. Our current building, or most of it, was built as Wheaton-Warrenville High School in 1973. Thus, there were three high schools in Wheaton during the period of 1973-1983. Due to a decrease in enrollment in the fall of 1983, Wheaton-Warrenville High School closed and the students and faculty were split between the other two high schools. The facility reopened that same year as a middle school appropriately named Wheaton-Warrenville Middle School. Nine years later in the fall of 1992, Wheaton Central switched locations with Wheaton-Warrenville Middle School. Both schools were renamed at this time. Wheaton-Warrenville Middle School became Hubble Middle School and 1992Wheaton Central became Wheaton Warrenville South High School. The newly renamed high school uses no hyphen in its name because a hyphen indicates some form of separation and this is one school serving two communities, all equal.

    1876                     1925                     1992

    The current school seal has evolved from four other seals, the earliest of which represented the original Wheaton High School. The seal is an official symbol of the school and ours includes the four words that define the school's purpose: scholarship, commitment, tradition, and integrity. All of the school seals from our previous locations are only seen once a year when they are displayed in the processional during the annual commencement program.

    Halls and names designate locations within the school. The school seal originally provided the names of three halls-Scholarship Hall, Commitment Hall, and Tradition Hall. The Class of 1993 named each area, and under its original request there was to be no specified Integrity Hall because South students take their integrity with them at all times and at all places. However, in 1999 a large addition was contracted and student government felt that it should be named to complete the seal's intent. Thus, we have Integrity Hall. In April 2003 voters approved a bond referendum to add on to the building. Phase one (Grange Hall) was completed in March 2005 followed by phase two (the field house) completed in May 2006.

    The Orange and Black Hall of Fame is a gift from the Wheaton Old Timers Club and recognizes our accomplished graduates. It was created as a permanent display in 1998. The trophy case displays awards won during that specific school year. The mascot on display is the original Tom, the Mighty Tiger, retired from active duty in 1996.

    The Kenneth Adams trophy case, located in lower Scholarship, is a gift from the Tiger Booster Club. Kenneth Adams built the cases in 1996, less than a year after he was released from an Illinois prison where he had been held for seventeen years for a crime he did not commit.

    The Living Mural is the work of artist Timm Etters, known to many South students as Mr. Odyssey. The mural was dedicated April 25, 1995, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Earth Day. It has received national attention as one of the finest "air-brush" murals in the United States and has been featured in national magazines as well.

    The Tiger Den Mural, located outside the Orange and Black Gym, is also the work of Timm Etters. It is a gift from the Wheaton Central Class of 1992, the last high school group to graduate from the old building at 603 S. Main.

    Tom, the Mighty Tiger Mural is located in the Orange and Black Gym on the West Wall. He is seen entering the building to commemorate his arrival in his new home in the fall of 1992. Under the mural are three panels, each bearing the class years of students who have witnessed the annual Homecoming Assembly which honors Tom and his long-lived family of mythical Tigers.

    The antique "stalking" tiger located in the main entrance to the school welcomes all to Wheaton Warrenville South. It, along with its companion Tom, the Mighty Tiger in the form of an original bronze sculpture are gifts from the Class of 2000.

    The Millennium Mural is located in Integrity Hall, a gift from the Tiger Paws and the Class of 2001. It depicts our past, rising from the prairie and featuring famous graduates, while hinting at the future.

    Wolverine Hall commemorates Wheaton-Warrenville High School, which existed in this building from 1973-1983. The accomplishments of those students are recognized in Green and Gold in areas throughout the building.

    Flag Court is located at the main drive of Tiger Trail and Wiesbrook Road. The court and the flagpoles, one of which always flies the official Tiger Flag-black Tiger Paw on an orange field-are gifts from the Class of 1997. The dedication was done in 1995 because as sophomores, the Class of 1997 was determined to provide the school with a flag pole. Sufficient funds were not available during the move from Central to South in 1992.

    Perhaps the most significant location on campus is Memorial Square. Dedicated in 1997, the square honors those individuals who paid the ultimate price for our freedom to learn-they gave their lives in our nation's wars. It is tradition that flags are placed at the stones by the senior class prior to the Memorial Day weekend. Further, all students honor the spot by removing litter that may fall into the area, and students never step on the stones bearing the names of those so honored.