History of the School Songs

  • The original school song “Alma Mater” appears to have been written by Virginia Squires in 1927 as printed in the 1928 yearbook, page 7. It was also referenced in the 1935 yearbook, page 5 and on page 2 of the 1940 yearbook. It is assumed that Virginia Squires graduated in 1927 as she is not listed in the 1928 yearbook.

    Alma Mater

    Oh, Wheaton! Alma Mater!
    May thy noble standards be
    Forever lifted higher, for all the world to see,
    Oh, may thy honor, never fading,
    Lend its luster to thy fame!
    Oh, Wheaton! We’ll loyally defend thy name!

    Oh, Wheaton! Alma Mater!
    The Orange and the Black!
    Through every tide of fortune, thy defense shall
    never lack;
    We shall hail each true endeavor
    As a well-won victory!
    Dear Wheaton! We pledge for aye our love to thee
    -- Virginia Squires ‘27

    The first reference to a school pep song appeared in the 1935 yearbook, page 5, with no indication as to origin, along with the school Alma Mater. It is interesting to note that Red Grange, "The Galloping Red Ghost" (Class of 1922), is included in the lyrics of this 1935 school song.

    Pep Song

    We’ll win the game today!
    We’ll win the game today!
    Oh, yes, you’ll hear us say!
    We’ll win the game today!
    So play, and play and play,
    And play, and play, and play,
    Hit the line! Hit the line!
    That’s fine! Let’s go!
    Oh Wheaton go, Oh Wheaton go,
    You are our dear old Alma Mater
    We all love you so!
    You are our guiding star above us
    We will do our duty to you Alma Mater!
    So play, play, boys, play,
    Let victory be yours today,
    You’re the boys from Red Grange town,
    Play, play, boys, play!
    So go, go, boys, go,
    Let victory be yours today,
    You’re the boys from our home town,
    Bring victory home today!
    RAH! RAH!

    In 2002, Wheaton Warrenville South choir teacher, Mr. Gordon Krauspe wrote a new Alma Mater, to reflect the spirit and community of Wheaton Warrenville South – blending traditions of old Wheaton Central with the new WW South. The song embraces the entire community of the school from activities to academics to athletics and is most often used as a processional for the Men’s Chorale at concerts. The middle section utilizing the school motto is sung to the tune of “Gaudeamus Igitur” familiar to most as the main theme of the Academic Festival Overture by Johannes Brahms.

    Wheaton Warrenville South Alma Mater

    Hail to the Tigers,
    Hail to the Orange and Black.
    Hail to the Tigers-
    Marching forward, never looking back.

    Hail to the Tigers,
    We will lift our noble song-
    Commitment, Tradition, Scholarship, Integrity
    Hail to Alma Mater-Wheaton Warrenville South!

    Our current Tiger Fight Song, below, is a variation and a combination of the 1928 "Wheaton Alma Mater" and the 1935 "Wheaton Pep Song".

    Tiger Fight Song

    Play Tigers play
    You will rule the game today
    You're the team from our hometown
    Play Tigers play

    Fight Tigers fight
    And give it all you've got tonight
    We're the Orange and Black so true
    Bring a victory home with you

    GOOOOOOOO Tigers!!!!