• School Social Work Department

    District 200 School Social Workers serve all students throughout each academic program offered by the District. School Social Workers bring to the school setting an understanding of the social/emotional development of children and the influence of family, community, and cultural difference. 
    The Illinois School Social Work Association provides the following description of School Social Workers: 
    What is a School Social Worker?
    School Social Workers (SSW) are a vital part of the educational team. They work together with educational administrators, teachers, counselors, psychologists, nurses, speech and language pathologists and other staff. Their unique graduate-level training in social work enables them to understand and interpret the influences of the school, home, and community on children. School Social Workers identify factors that can make school a more successful experience for students.
    What do School Social Workers Do?
    School Social Workers help STUDENTS:
      • achieve maximum benefit from their educational opportunities
      • understand themselves and others
      • improve interpersonal relationships
      • cope with stress
      • develop decision making skills
    School Social Workers help PARENTS:
      • participate effectively in their children"s education
      • understand and meet their children's social and emotional needs
      • understand programs available to students with special needs
      • utilize school and community resources effectively
    School Social Workers help SCHOOLS:
      • understand factors (cultural, societal, economic, familial, health, etc.) that affect students" abilities to make maximum use of their school experience
      • utilize their resources in meeting the educational, social, and emotional needs of students
      • promote a safe school environment
    School Social Workers help COMMUNITIES:
      • understand school policies, programs, and practices
      • minimize those environmental factors which inhibit learning
      • develop resources to adequately meet the needs of students and families
    To find your social worker, contact your child's school or visit the individual school's website.
    Further resources for parents can be found through the School Social Work Association of America. http://www.sswaa.org/?252
    Looking for resources in our local community?  Try DuPage Community Resource Information System. http://dupagecris.org/