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Sandburg School - Updates


KDG: Mrs. Russo (ADK), Miss Duran (ADK), Mrs. Martinez (AM-K)

1st Grade: Ms. Benoit, Mrs. Filisko, Miss Virgilio, Miss Owens

2nd Grade: Miss Deinert, Mrs. Rey, Miss Severyns

3rd Grade: Mrs. Georganas, Mrs. Kirschbaum, Mrs. Krause

4th Grade: Ms. Newhouse, Miss Vachlon, Miss Williams

5th Grade: Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Hall, Mr. Huggins

PACE: Ms. Showalter



You will be able to view your child's classroom teacher on Thursday, August 27th at 4:00 PM. Virtual Academy classroom teachers will be available on Friday, August 28th, as will be the south side school classroom assignments. These times are staggered so that ParentVUE does not experience extreme traffic. Simply login into ParentVUE to retrieve this information. Please take a moment while you are in ParentVUE to review all of your contact information, including emergency contacts, and update those if needed. Also be sure to update your email addresses to ensure that you receive communication from the school. You can include multiple addresses if you would like.


BASP will be available, but space will be limited. Times for BASP are as follows:

7:30 to 9:00AM

1:00 to 4:30PM (lunch will be served)

If you are interested in BASP, please use this link to access the registration form.



Option for home...Students who want to purchase a lunch to go, or who receive lunch from the school, will be able to take a grab and go lunch home. Breakfast for the following morning will be given to students at the time they receive their grab and go lunch.

BASP...Students who stay for BASP will have lunch in the lunchroom, and BASP room, with seats 6ft apart.


  • English and Language Arts: 120 minutes for grades K-2 and 90 minutes for grades 3-5
  • Math: 60 minutes for all grades
  • Science/Social Studies: 30 minutes for grades K-2 for 3x/week and 45 minutes for grades 3-5 5x/week
  • Please split this time in half for half day kindergarten students.
  • PE/Art/Music: Students in all grades K-5 will have either PE, Art, or Music asynchronous each afternoon. A link will be shared with students through Google Classroom for them to access their asynchronous special.


Mask Breaks: Students will have opportunities throughout the day to have a mask break. Teachers will be making sure that students have a break each day where they will be outside and 6ft apart to remove their masks (smile breaks). We have added several outdoor learning spaces outside, one of which will be under a tent to provide additional shade during these breaks.

Snacks: Teachers will have the flexibility to build in a snack break during the scheduled mask breaks. Snacks must be provided from home. It is suggested that students bring a leak proof spout water bottle.


Volunteers: It is beyond unfortunate that we will be unable to have volunteers working in classrooms. We sure hope that this doesn't have to last too long. Our apologies and deep loss at this time.

Late Arrival: Students who arrive late due to appointments will sign themselves in the foyer and head to class on their own.

Material Drop Off: Should a student forget an item, we ask that it be dropped off in the foyer with their name labeled on it. We will be sure to deliver items to students.

Extra Supplies: We have a couple of additions to class supply lists. All students will need to bring a hand sanitizer to keep at their desk, and a beach or bath towel for sitting on when we rotate to outdoor spaces. Also, if your family would be able to donate a roll of paper towel that would be wonderful!!