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Hybrid Student 2nd Semester Attendance Policy

Students who have elected to attend school in-person are expected to report to school on their hybrid learning days. The privilege to attend in-person is not reserved as an option for students who want to reserve a spot for the personally appropriate time to attend in person. Because we have been experiencing a high number of hybrid students working remotely on their cohort days, we are currently working on a 2nd Semester attendance policy (begins February 1) to address this. We understand that some reasons for working remotely are valid (e.g., ill, COVID-related, appointment, etc.); however, there are some reasons for working remotely that are not (e.g., don’t feel like coming in today, slept in, overslept, etc.). In summary, hybrid students who accumulate a certain number of full-day or period absences could be moved to fully remote learning for the remainder of the semester. Once this policy is finalized, we will communicate it to everyone. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this.