School Information

Bower Elementary School Mission - Every day, every child in every classroom learns, grows, and feels respected.

Bower Elementary School Hours :

Grades One through Five 9:05 - 3:30

AM Kindergarten 9:05 - 11:35

All Day Kindergarten (ADK) 9:05 - 3:30

District 200 Elementary Schools have new school hours starting this year. The school day now begins at 9:05. That means ALL students need to be in the school by 9:05 and instruction will begin at that time. This is ten minutes earlier than school has previously started. Students will be able to arrive at school at 8:55, and will walk to their grade level doors, just like last year. Students will enter the building through any grade level doors and walk to their classrooms. The bell to begin instruction is at 9:05 am. If your child is crossing at the River Rd crosswalk, she will begin crossing students at 8:55 am. If you are driving your child to school, please do not let your child out of the car until 8:55 am, when you see staff head outside to supervise.

Students will exit through their grade level doors at 3:30 to the car rider pick-up on the north side, the buses on the south side, or walk to the cross walk.


Bower Elementary Main Office: 630-393-9413

Bower Fax Number: 630-393-9403

Bower Main Office Email:

Principal's Secretary: Chelsea DePasquale

Attendance Secretary: Jessica Weinmann

Please call or email our main office to report absences.

Bower School is one of thirteen elementary schools in Community Unit School District 200. There are four middle schools for children in sixth through eighth grade and two high schools. The total student enrollment of the district is over 14,000 students. Students living in the Bower attendance area will attend Hubble Middle School and Wheaton-Warrenville South High School.

Warrenville School District 31 built Bower School in 1965 as a junior high school. In 1979, it was opened as an elementary school. In 1986, Community Unit School District 200 added an addition to the building. This addition provides 27 classrooms, a large gymnasium, a library-learning center, an art room, a music room, two lunchrooms, and other support areas. Bower School encompasses 15 acres with a student population of 450 for the 2018 - 2019 school year.